Monday, October 20, 2008

Party girls

What would go through your mind if you received an invitation to a tea party? Chances are, your brain would conjure up traditional images of formal gatherings and silver tea sets – and possibly sandwiches on (ugh) doilies.

Well, no more, baby! Tea drinking demographics are changing rapidly. To wit, note an opening scene of a recent Gossip Girl episode – which I have now dubbed “Cool Guy Prepares Hot Tea.” And as tea drinking becomes more popular among a younger crowd (very likely due to the increased attention to tea’s health benefits), apparently tea parties are changing as well.

In a recent issue of the Arizona Daily Wildcat, a college student advocated tea parties as a perfect get-together for friends. She suggested avoiding all the highbrow fuss. No tea kettle? Use the microwave, she says. No china teacups? Well, get out those coffee mugs!

Additional thoughts from our Wildcat tea-aficionado included buying at least 2-3 varieties of tea flavors to appeal to a range of palates, inviting both men and women, and including activities like strip poker (I’ll leave that one for you to decide).

My own suggestion is making sure you have beautiful teas on hand (in pyramid sachets, not drab paper bags) to enhance the experiential nature of tea drinking.

At any rate, as more youthful tea drinkers emerge, tea parties are becoming hip & stylish activities. So, when you get your invitation, go party, baby!