Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Look inside, baby!

Meet Tara. She’s looking for a wholesome, refreshing drink. She wants something delicious to sip while quietly contemplating life. And she’s been hearing about the health benefits of tea for years.

So, what’s stopping her from drinking specialty tea? Time! Tara wants to drink high quality, whole leaf tea, but she doesn’t want to manage all of those loose leaves. And she really doesn’t want to deal with steeped ingredients and messy teapots. So, what’s this girl to do?

Enter the pyramid sachet!

No, it’s not an Eygptian handbag. Rather, it’s a clear, silky-looking pod made from food-grade nylon that holds your specialty tea. The sachet leaves plenty of space for your tea leaves to steep and release their full flavor. And, baby, look inside! You will see all of your tea’s ingredients unfurling elegantly before you.

Not only do you preserve the flavor of your whole leaf tea, but you do so with the ultimate convenience of a tea bag. Plus, looking into the beautiful pods of natural, blooming ingredients truly upgrades your specialty tea experience!

So, no need to worry about the hassle. Drink up, baby! (You, too, Tara.)

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Taste, baby! (revisited)

Happy New Year to all of you! I’m back from a whirlwind trip through South India – 14 days, 2 plane rides, 4 train rides, 9 cities, and various minibus, automobile, and auto-rickshaw adventures. 100 family members (really), 10 colorful shops, 4 amazing tours, and a partridge in a pear tree. (Sorry, baby, couldn’t resist.)

In the middle of my amazing race around the country, I had a genuine tea cupping encounter. Picture this . . . I am in the home of a tea merchant, asking him about his experiences in the industry. Suddenly, he tells me that I must take his tea cupping test, to identify the special blend that he has created for his own business.


We go out onto his house balcony, where his charming daughter-in-law, also a tea aficionado, has set up a line of identical white tea cups and tiny tasting pots. When the correct amount of time passes, she moves swiftly from cup to cup, stopping the steeping process and pouring the tea liquors.

The merchant talks me through each taste. Remember, tea tasting involves a good long look at the liquid as well as a few minutes spent absorbing its aroma. It also requires one noisy slurp from a spoon that allows the tea liquor to cover all parts of the mouth for the most complete taste possible.

This was a true high point in my trip – an authentic and unexpected tasting experience in the middle of the land where tea is actually grown and produced. And to do this with an expert, a person whose life is tea, was just amazing.

And, in case you were wondering, based upon his discussion of what is important to him for his tea blends, I was able to identify his special blend (phew)!

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