Monday, November 30, 2009

Himalayan Baby

Wow -- lots of customer questions about Himalayan Bath Salts. Well, sit back, baby, and I'll tell you the tale . . .

Imagine a time long before humanity, when the ancient seas surrounded the mighty Himalayas. Imagine a pristine and perfect world.

From this time and place comes the purest salt in the world: Himalayan sea salt. These salts contain 84 essential trace minerals and elements, including potassium, calcium, bromide and magnesium, that can be absorbed into the skin. The pink salts contain the highest mineral content.

Now fast forward to the first human cultures, who discovered and mined this salt, and began to use it for therapeutic baths. Over time, it was learned that a Himalayan sea salt bath could restore healthy mineral balance to the body, improve blood flow, soften and moisturize the skin, and much more.

And now fast forward to the end of your own busy day. Imagine yourself placing into a bath tea ball some beautiful pink Himalayan sea salt and anti-inflammatory green tea, naturally fragrant with lavender and rose buds. Imagine steeping your own bath tea and then stepping into some well-deserved luxury while your body rehydrates and rejuvenates.

You deserve it, baby!

Try Chai, Baby! Himalayan Bath Salts in three luxurious combinations: Lavender & Rose, Springtime in Paris and Water Baby. On sale through 12/31/09.

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