Thursday, March 25, 2010

Drink again, baby!

When someone tells us that she's "not a tea drinker," we spring into action. (You know us.) "Baby, sit down right over here and close those eyes," we say. And if she's a fun, cheeky gal after our own hearts, she will sit herself down and listen up.

"OK, now, think about the word 'tea'-- what's going through your mind?" we ask. Invariably, she's conjuring up a grubby brown tea bag, on a grandmotherly figure's table, next to some cucumber sandwiches. And if she's really imaginative, there usually a doily involved. For others, it's an flowery English garden, and still others, a quiet Zen garden.

As far as we're concerned, these are all very traditional images surrounding tea. Well, push those away, baby! Come to the table again, and re-learn your tea. Look at the gorgeous ingredients, watch them swell and bloom in the water, inhale the aromatic steam. Then, sip, savor, taste -- really taste -- your tea. That's a Chai Baby challenge for those of you who think you know (and don't like) tea! Well, think (and drink!) again, and you may find your inner tea drinker!

-Chai, Baby!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Get your tea on, guys!

One thing is certain: tea drinking demographics are changing and changing quickly. The most rapidly growing groups? Young tea drinkers and male tea drinkers.

Best Life Magazine reported an experiment at University College London involving 75 men. Half of the participants received a caffeinated black tea drink, and the others received a caffeinated placebo drink. Drinkers of black tea experienced a reduction in circulating stress hormones of 47% (the control group reduction was 27%). You heard it here, guys! Reach for some black tea to soothe your stress -- the gals will appreciate it!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Live long and prosper, baby!

Body + Soul magazine reported on foods that contribute to bodily longevity, including berries, whole grains, green vegetables, tomatoes, nuts and red grapes. Not surprisingly, tea makes the list due to its EGCG content. EGCG is a powerful antioxidant, baby!