Thursday, March 25, 2010

Drink again, baby!

When someone tells us that she's "not a tea drinker," we spring into action. (You know us.) "Baby, sit down right over here and close those eyes," we say. And if she's a fun, cheeky gal after our own hearts, she will sit herself down and listen up.

"OK, now, think about the word 'tea'-- what's going through your mind?" we ask. Invariably, she's conjuring up a grubby brown tea bag, on a grandmotherly figure's table, next to some cucumber sandwiches. And if she's really imaginative, there usually a doily involved. For others, it's an flowery English garden, and still others, a quiet Zen garden.

As far as we're concerned, these are all very traditional images surrounding tea. Well, push those away, baby! Come to the table again, and re-learn your tea. Look at the gorgeous ingredients, watch them swell and bloom in the water, inhale the aromatic steam. Then, sip, savor, taste -- really taste -- your tea. That's a Chai Baby challenge for those of you who think you know (and don't like) tea! Well, think (and drink!) again, and you may find your inner tea drinker!

-Chai, Baby!

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