Thursday, April 1, 2010

Explore, baby! This month, taste some new tea!

A focus group of tea business professionals was recently asked what teas captured the most interest and experienced increased popularity over the past year. Their response? White Tea and Rooibos Tea.

In short, people are no longer as likely to request a traditional English Breakfast tea, they said.

Well, of course, they're not, we say! As people learn more about tea, they are leaving their grubby bags of brown powder behind and embracing different tea varieties, flavors, spices, roots and herbs. They now know that there is a veritable wonderland of teas and herbal blends to explore, taste, sip and savor!

So, get our there, baby! Throw caution to the wind, and treat your tastebuds to a fanciful, flavorful, fabulous new tea.

-Chai, Baby!

P.S. Try Chai, Baby's White Tea & Lemon Myrtle (a light, refreshing, citrus-y white tea blend) and Beauty Blend (a rich & fruity rooibos blend).

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