Thursday, September 6, 2007

Work to life to work

Some days I deeply miss my separate office building space, a space devoted to my professional activities. Now, I battle valiantly to separate all of my paper in my home office. And invariably, field trip permission slips and birthday party invitations, along with the utility bills and insurance renewal forms, worm their way into my work files.

I also miss the ability to compartmentalize my day into work and family time. Now, home is work is home is work. I will talk to the furnace repairman and my tea tin suppliers and the parent rounding up school volunteers within the space of the same half-hour. My California calls often come in at 8 p.m., when the interminable bedtime routine is slowly unfolding. Call it constant gear-shifting or wearing many hats at once, but certainly call it challenging.

Any tips, ladies, to ease the transition between work and life and work again? We’d love to hear from you, baby!

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