Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Taste, baby!

How do you know whether you enjoyed your cup of tea?

Well, you liked the taste, right? Of course, that is most important. Remember, though, that tea drinking can be a truly multi-sensory event. Whenever you can, slow down, be still, and really experience your tea.

After you steep your tea, break open that silken sachet and look inside. This is when you will truly appreciate whole leaf tea, as opposed to powdery tea dust. You will actually see those natural leaves (and perhaps flowers and spices, too), saturated and unfurled. Notice the color of the leaves – brown or red or green. Reach out at touch them, feel them on your fingers, and smell them.

Now, move on to your tea cup. Observe the rich amber or pale yellow-green colors of the liquid. Smell the bouquet -- tea aromas can range from woody to floral to spicy.

And now, the best part. Sip! Keep a bit of tea in your mouth and think. Is it bitter? Sweet? Smoky? What taste stays in your mouth after you swallow? You don’t have to be a professional tea taster to understand what types of tea you enjoy most. Do you like the slightly vegetal taste of green tea? The delicacy of white? Do you prefer the stimulation of spices and roots?

Happy tasting!

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