Saturday, July 18, 2009

How does your garden grow, baby?

A tip from several of our green-thumbed customers: after you drink your tea, empty your tea bag into your house plants or garden plants. A natural -- and naturally fragrant -- nutritional boost for your greenery!


Moonrise Tea said...

Used tea leaves go directly on our tea plants as mulch. How's that for recycling?

Chai Baby said...


Stephanie D said...

I do this myself with my own garden, emptying ALL my used teabags (none that have been brewed with milk though!!), as well as banana peels and eggshells in my garden...composting them directly by burying them in the soil.

The result......? TEN FOOT TALL TOMATO PLANTS, vined up a wooden lattice to the roof of my house. I kid you not. I have photo proof on my flickr:

The miracle of what tea can do for plants

Yay for the multiple uses of tea!


Yay, indeed! Your photo is truly amazing!

Chai Baby said...

Your tomato plant is just astounding -- thanks for sending the link!