Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Engage, baby!

We just read an interesting article by Dr. Eva Selhub about the way our bodies naturally and accurately communicate with us. Whether our symptoms are physical or emotional, the discomfort we feel is extremely important information. If we continue to ignore this information, then bodily stress accumulates.

Dr. Selhub proposed 8 methods to prevent this accumulation of stress. Most of these methods we’ve all read about often: exercise, good nutrition, meditation, sleep, laughter, etc. Her last method, however, really caught our eye because it’s rarely discussed. The word she used is “engage.”

By “engage,” she meant participating in an activity you love so that the mind experiences what she referred to as “enjoyment and flow.” Well, this is precisely why we love to drink tea regularly throughout our day. A visually beautiful, aromatic, delicious tea provides a drinking experience that automatically engages all of the senses as well as the mind.

If we can bring 100% of our awareness to the act of drinking tea, we feel that we will learn to live every part of our lives in the same way: alert, mindful, engaged!

Go to article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eva-m-selhub-md/when-the-body-screams-hel_b_251218.html


abby said...

Happy Friday, Chai, Baby! I just recently blogged about your company today on www.simplecreativeinspiration.blogspot.com - Check it out! Hope you are well! - abby

Chai Baby said...

Hi, Abby, thanks for your wonderful blog entry! We're glad to hear that you enjoyed our teas, and we're so honored that you've made them the subject of such a creative contest. We're excited to hear the outcome!

Happy Friday and best wishes to you as well!

-- Chai Baby