Friday, August 10, 2007

Who are you calling baby?

In the beginning, I worried a bit that the “baby” in “Chai, Baby!” might sound somewhat demeaning. You know what? I got over that in a hurry.

Why? Because I knew in my gut what “Chai, Baby!” means. It’s a greeting, full of energy and affection and joy. This is a women’s business, providing an excellent product to other women. Thus, the greeting fits that spirit and intention. And I mean that, baby.

With the growing influx of women-owned businesses, that energy is all around us. I particularly love that many of these businesses and organizations are reclaiming the color pink as a symbol of that power and energy.

During my prior years I refused to wear -- or even acknowledge -- pink. It certainly didn’t belong in the law firms at which I worked, and I definitely didn’t want to convey weakness or lack of substance as a lawyer.

But now, I, too, am participating in the redefinition of pink. It’s a signature color for this company, and it’s everywhere -- on the tins, the shirts, the tea sets. I want to join the women who are infusing this traditionally female color with power, strength, and style.

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