Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Why Chai Baby?

Another good question.

Underneath “Chai, Baby!” -- a catchy and energetic tagline -- there is an actual Chai Baby. Once this girl got into my head, she wouldn’t leave. Instead of being lawyerly and networking for legal contracts and contacts, I stole gel pens from my kids’ art cart and sketched and sketched for hours.

So, while the tea business was taking shape in the world, Chai Baby also took shape on paper. A lovely, kurti-clad girl, radiating confidence and strength and style, emerged and winked at me. She was the original Chai Baby, a pleasing amalgam of the wonderful women in my life and the qualities they possess.

She’s been in my head for so long now that she’s become iconic for me. Aside from her whittled abs (I fear that ship has sailed), I aspire to be the person she represents. (Good thing life’s a journey, eh?)

For me, she has also become more than a fusion of features -- she is also a fusion of cultures. She is the point at which the best of all worlds meets. She is you! Whether or not you yourself are a cultural blend, you know how to appreciate the accelerating mixture of people, traditions, and backgrounds. You know that it is a beautiful and fertile time.

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